Presenting the SportBotz foosball training simulator at Sofia International Series II 28 – 30 October 2016

During the Sofia International Series II 2016, we organised a special competition event with the SportBotz foosball simulator. The idea was simple. After a ready signal, the simulator shuffles randomly any of the six areas of the goal to simulate real goalie movement. At a random time from 3 to 15 seconds, the simulator plays a sound and the player must shoot at any of the two marked zones as fast as possible after the sound signal. Each shot was rated by shot power, reaction time and accuracy. The players were rated for the average of their best 3 shots.

Our special awards went to:

1st place overall: Ciprian Tanase (ROU)

2nd place overall: Mario Tomov (BGR)

3rd place overall: Nikolaus Stracke (AUT)

Best shot power: Nikolaus Stracke (AUT) after a tie-break with Ulrich Stoepel (DEU)

Best reaction time: Ciprian Tanase (ROU)