Ever trained hard on the foosball table alone? Ever thought that your shots are 100% and when you face a person you cannot score? At SportBotz we want to change this. We want you to train smarter with a personal electronic coach and buddy. The first electronic foosball simulator. We provide an electronic target practice on the foosball table of your choice. The companion smartphone app will guide you through different training routines so you can improve your: Accuracy, Timing, Shot power, Reaction time, and Self confidence. You can always check your statistics and progress and challenge friends and foes.

As the product is still in development, we will be happy if you fill the product survey

Product Survey

1. Please tell us how you want to train
2. You split the foosball door
3. Which tables do you train and play on?
4. What is the amount you would ever pay for a product like ours (in EUR)*
5. If you share the device with other people, for example in a club, what is the monthly subscription fee you are willing to pay for yourself to have all your personnal statistics and progress? (amount in Euro/month)*